Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is my first haul blog! (yaaay!) So, a week or so ago I had the urge to shop around on ebay and found 2 awesome vintage sewing magazines from the early 40s! The first one titled "Sewing Manual, For home decorations" And the other, "Easy ways to Sew and Save" I haven't had the chance to read through them all but I'm super excited to! The next thing I found was from a garage sale. It was an old photo container. But what I noticed about it after looking at it, was that it would work very well for my sewing needles! I've been keeping them in a biggish box that didn't have a clasp on it. So it was impossible to take any where without having needles all over the place. I basically just ripped out the photo film/pockets and threw my needles in there :D It works super nice. And I love the design on the front. Kind of hard to see in the picture but it looks like some fancy french lady on a swing wearing an obnoxiously fantastic dress :P

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